Sherri Ybarra Official Portrait

Sherri Ybarra
Superintendent of Public Instruction

Idaho education is in transition, but commitment and ingenuity remain strong
As the state of Idaho slowly emerges from its ‘stay home’ order and the norm for schools and students remains distance learning, this is still an uncertain time for Idahoans, and all Americans. But one certainty is our commitment to helping schools and students succeed – and stay safe.

If anything, that commitment throughout Idaho’s K-12 system has strengthened during this pandemic crisis. Teachers and administrators throughout the state are working tirelessly to maintain continuity of learning as best they can and come up with new ways to provide essential services, convey information and give students the personal connection so essential to learning. Parents throughout the state are doing an amazing job helping with at-home schooling while juggling their own jobs and family responsibilities. At the State Department of Education, we are working closely with districts, charter schools, stakeholders and other agencies to help navigate the remainder of this year and budget and prepare for the coming year. And we’re working to develop a statewide, opt-in learning management system (LMS) so that small rural districts aren’t operating at a disadvantage in a distance-learning environment. We need to be ready if Idaho faces a resurgence of Covid-19 in the fall.

We offer a wealth of resources for parents and educators, from broadband providers to the Kahn Academy. Available resources are updated frequently and collected at two online sites maintained by the SDE: the school resources page of the governor’s Idaho coronavirus website, and our Educational Resources for Parents & Educators page.

As a parent, what can you do? Talk with your children about their lessons and the need for social distancing and good hygiene. Work from home when possible, avoid groups and limit your outings to essential errands. Wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and sanitize all surfaces that others have touched or may touch. Be considerate and helpful to others however you can.

As we enter Stage 2 of Gov. Brad Little’s planned four-stage reopening, I join Gov. Little in urging Idahoans to comply with the governor’s new statewide ‘Stay -Healthy’ order, including avoiding crowds larger than 10 people and social distancing. I’m continually impressed with how Idahoans are weathering this storm, and I know the strength and innovation of this time will serve us well in the future.


Sherri A. Ybarra, Ed.S.
Superintendent of Public Instruction

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