Transparency is an important element of state agency operations because it helps the public understand how their tax dollars are spent and if the work undertaken by an agency supports the taxpayers’ objectives for their government. It also provides a vital check on government power and lays the groundwork for sound public policy.

This page contains a compilation of the most requested information and reports published by the Idaho Department of Education. It also contains links to information about the department published by other state agencies. The Idaho Department of Education is pleased to provide this in-depth financial information through a partnership with the Office of the Idaho State Controller, the publisher of the State of Idaho’s official transparency website,

Report Card: The Idaho Department of Education’s school, district and state Report Card, available online at, provides a user-friendly way for parents, educators and others to access information about schools and districts throughout the state.

Budgeting Process

All state agencies are required by law to submit annual budget requests to the Idaho Legislature for approval. Idaho’s budgeting process formally begins each year early in September when agencies submit their requests and concludes in late winter when agencies’ budget bills are approved by the Legislature and the governor and become law.

The State of Idaho’s fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year.

Budget Documents

Each year state agencies are authorized by their respective budget laws to employ up to a specific number of full-time and part-time employees, designated as Full-Time Equivalent Positions (FTP). The following reports provide detailed salary information for all Idaho Department of Education employees and are available as a matter of public record. These reports are updated nightly.

Expenditure Information

After state agencies’ budget bills become law, agencies may generally begin spending the appropriated funds on July 1, the beginning on the state’s fiscal year.

The following reports published by the Office of the State Controller detail the Idaho Department of Education’s expenditures for the current fiscal year and are updated nightly.

Expenditures by Vendor
Financial Comparison

If you’re looking for information that isn’t available via the Idaho Department of Education’s website, Idaho’s Public Records law allows citizens expansive access to government records and public writings. You may submit a public records request to the Idaho Department of Education in writing or via an online form.

In case you need more information about submitting a records request, Idaho’s Attorney General publishes a helpful guide for citizens titled the Idaho Public Records Law Manual. It summarizes and explains Idaho Code §§ 74-101 through 74-126.