News Releases

– Celebrating CTE Month in Idaho February 21, 2024

By Trent Van Leuven Idaho 2024 Teacher of the Year
(BOISE) – February marks CTE Month, a time when Career Technical Education student organizations in many school districts commemorate through various activities. These students are inspired as they search for their post-K-12 educational journey thanks to CTE.

– Critchfield: Supporting Our Students Doesn’t Have to be Complicated January 24, 2024

(BOISE) – I don’t have to be on the road constantly to get feedback from Idahoans who care deeply about education. Running errands like grocery shopping or going to Costco can provide me opportunities to hear from both friends and total strangers. People like to share opinions or offer a word of encouragement, and because my weekends are spent at home in rural Idaho, my neighbors want to be sure the “big city” doesn’t change me!