This application is ONLY for individuals who hold a five-year renewable certificate that is expiring August 31st of the current year. This certificate must be renewed to maintain validity; failure to renew the certificate before it expires will require an application for reinstatement. Do not apply for renewal earlier than January 1st of the year your certificate expires as it will be returned to you. Renewal applications will be accepted until August 31 of the year the certification expires. You can check your certificate’s validity period using the Certification Lookup Application.

You may apply for additional endorsement(s) and/or certificate(s) at the time of renewal for no additional fee. Appropriate documents must be included to verify the endorsement requirements have been completed. For a list of appropriate documents visit the Revision of an Idaho Certificate webpage.

A complete packet must include the following items:

  • Check or money order payable to the Idaho Department of Education
  • Credit cards are not accepted at this time
  • Payment is non-refundable
  • Cash in the exact amount will be accepted for walk-ins
  • Credits taken for recertification must be educationally related to the individualized professional learning plan (IPLP) or related to the professional practice of the applicant:
    • Three (3) credits must be transcripted and completed through an accredited college/university. Graduate or undergraduate credits will be accepted for renewal.
    • Credits must be specifically tied to content areas and/or an area of any other endorsement; or
    • Credits must be specific to pedagogical best practices or for administrative/teacher leadership; or
    • Credits must be tied to a specific area of need designated by district administration
    • Credits must be taken during the validity period of the certificate. The validity period is listed in parenthesis next to the certificate(s) listed on the credential
  • Idaho district/charter school/private school in-service hours may be applied toward up to three (3) credits:
    • Fifteen (15) contact hours are equivalent to one (1) semester credit hour
    • Idaho Approved In-service form must be completed by the proper official at an Idaho district/charter school/private school for the in-service to count toward certificate renewal
    • Idaho district/charter school/private school may approve Continuing Education Units (CEU) using the Idaho Approved In-service form
  • Unofficial or official transcripts
    • Please include transcripts with your packet in order to expedite your application
    • Unofficial transcripts may be used for renewal only
  • Three (3) quarter credit hours are equal to two (2) semester credit hours
  • All administrators in Idaho are required to complete a three (3) credit course in the Idaho framework for teachers' evaluation during the five (5) year validity period of the credential being renewed. IMPORTANT: The teachers' evaluation course is only required if you have held the administrator certificate for the full five years of the credential period.
  • Transcripts with the course listed should be included with the packet
  • For more information including a list of approved courses, see the Idaho State Board of Education’s Administrative Certificate Renewal Requirement webpage or call the Office of the State Board of Education's Educator Effectiveness Program Manager at (208) 332-1593.
  • All Pupil Service Staff in Idaho are required to complete six credits for renewal (see PD above) or provide a current occupational license issued by the appropriate Idaho state licensing board

Mail complete packet to:

Idaho Department of Education
Attn: Teacher Certification
PO Box 83720
Boise, Idaho 83720-0027

Online Renewal Option – Credit/Debit Card Required

  • Do NOT use the online renewal process if you currently hold a three-year traditional. Please visit the Interim Certificate Completer page
  • If you hold an Occupational Specialist certificate, do NOT use the online renewal process. For information on renewing an Occupational Specialist certificate, view the Career & Technical Education (CTE)'s Certification Home Page
  • If you need to make changes to your personal information or credential, do NOT use the online renewal process. You will need to mail us a completed application packet
  • There is a convenience fee of $3.25 added to each online renewal transaction
  • You will need to submit Verification of Six (6) Professional Development Credits as described above
  • To access the Online Certificate Renewal System, please visit the Online Certification Renewal page.

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