A new partnership between Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra and Schoolhouse.world will provide free, small-group tutoring in mathematics for Idaho middle and high school students who want to catch up on their learning and get ready for what’s next.

“I’m excited about this opportunity, especially since it comes from a proven source that Idaho teachers and families already trust – Sal Khan, whose Khan Academy provides a wealth of free online classes for millions of students at home and in classrooms throughout Idaho, the nation, and the world,” Superintendent Ybarra said. “And it comes at the perfect time, while parents, schools and students are grappling with ways to make up for the unfinished learning caused by the pandemic.”

Idaho students can choose from a wide range of math topics and may even suggest future tutoring sessions to meet their needs. All small-group sessions are offered live via Zoom.

One great need for tutoring is in Algebra. Many Idaho students struggle with Algebra 1 and delay taking the course, impairing their college and career readiness. Schoolhouse.world can be a critical resource to help students master Algebra.

Schoolhouse.world also offers college entrance exam prep, and plans call for expanding beyond math to other subjects and grade levels as the platform grows.

Sal Kahn for Schoolhouse.world

Sal Kahn in front of a bookshelf full of books

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