At the State Department of Education, teachers are the heart of our mission – and a big percentage of our workforce. Like all Idahoans, we have teachers to thank for helping us find our voice, focus our interests, overcome obstacles, turn dreams into reality and succeed in the classroom and in life. We owe them our respect and appreciation every week. But for Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10, we’re offering a Teacher Appreciation Toolkit to help you share your thoughts of gratitude and inspiration through social media posts and a printable flyer for bulletin boards.

Show your appreciation for an Idaho teacher who has made a difference in your life by thanking her or him on your social media accounts. Please use the hashtag #ThankIdahoTeachers in your post so we can find it and share it with all of our followers, too!

Teacher Appreciation Social Media Graphic

Social Media Graphic

Teacher Appreciation Flyer

Teacher Appreciation Flyer

Teacher Appreciation Youtube Hastag Video

#ThankIdahoTeachers Campaign