The WIDA suite of assessments is used to screen, monitor, and exit Idaho students from a research-based language instruction educational program. Using the Kindergarten W-APT or the WIDA Screener, districts/charters are able to identify newly enrolled students for additional language support services. After identification, Idaho English learners (ELs) participate annually in a standardized English language proficiency assessment to monitor academic English language proficiency growth in four distinct language domains: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. The ACCESS for ELLs annual language proficiency assessment is typically administered from the last week in January to the first week in March.

2020-2021 ACCESS Important Dates

Testing Specifics Start Date End Date
Pre-Testing WIDA AMS Pre-ID UploadNovember 16, 2020November 16, 2020
WIDA AMS Test Setup Available for Test SessionsDecember 29, 2020March 5, 2021
Districts Receive Test Materials (On)January 14, 2021January 18, 2021
During Testing Test WindowJanuary 25, 2021March 5, 2021
Make-up Test WindowMarch 1, 2021March 5, 2021
Additional Test Material Ordering Window in AMSJanuary 15, 2021February 25, 2021
Post-Testing Deadline for Shipping Completed Test Materials to DRCMarch 12, 2021March 12, 2021
Pre-Reporting Data Validation – LEAs in AMSMarch 30, 2021April 5, 2021
Reports and Data Files Available - Online (On)May 12, 2021May 12, 2021
Reports Available in Districts - Printed (On)May 19, 2021May 21, 2021
ACCESS Appeals WindowMay 31, 2021June 14, 2021

To request an accessible or translated score report for your child’s assessment results, contact your local school district.

The Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) promotes the belief that every student brings with them a set of equally important linguistic and cultural assets to the classroom. These assets are what enrich every aspect of the learning cycle and make learning environments dynamic. For all students, both implicit and explicit language learning occurs over time through meaningful activities that are valued in the home, schools, and community. Idaho educators are cognizant to the fact that individual experiences, learner characteristics, and language proficiency levels influence effective language instruction and development.

Equipped with this understanding, Idaho educators promote college and career readiness for Idaho students by magnifying the degree in which students are able to express and interpret ideas, concepts, and information through reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Through the endorsement and use of WIDA’s English Language Development Standards for ELs in Kindergarten through grade 12, Idaho administrators, teachers, and support staff are equipped with a sound framework to facilitate and measure the acquisition of academic English language skills necessary to yield students who either meet or exceed the Idaho Content Standards proficiency benchmarks.

Idaho adopted WIDA’s English Language Development Standards in 2012 and became a WIDA Consortium member state in 2015. The English Language Development Standards outline the necessary social, instructional, and academic language needed to effectively and meaningfully participate in discourse surrounding the core content areas. Both the Assessment & Accountability Department and the Federal Programs Department within the SDE, work in tandem to assist Idaho districts/charters and schools in navigating federal and state requirements to serve ELs residing in Idaho.

WIDA English Language Development Standards

  • English Language Proficiency Standard 1: English Learners communicate for Social and Instructional purposes within the school setting.
  • English Language Proficiency Standard 2: English Learners communicate information, ideas, and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Language Arts.
  • English Language Proficiency Standard 3: English Learners communicate information, ideas, and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Mathematics.
  • English Language Proficiency Standard 4: English Learners communicate information, ideas, and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Science.
  • English Language Proficiency Standard 5: English Learners communicate information, ideas, and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Social Studies.

All district/charter and school staff administering the WIDA suite of assessments, must first be certified. To start the certification process, designated staff will need to have a WIDA Secure Portal account created for them. New test administrators should contact their District Test Coordinator or WIDA Client Services to have an account set-up. Currently, re-certification is required for test administrators on an every-other-year basis. If you are new to administering the ACCESS for ELLs, or you are administering new grade-level clusters formerly not certified in, then certification for the specific grade and mode of test must be completed with a score of 80% or higher. Use the WIDA Secure Portal to access test training manuals, online professional learning modules, re-certification quizzes, and instructional resources.

  • To obtain a new login or for assistance with an existing account, contact WIDA Client Services via email at, call (866) 276-7735, or contact your District Test Coordinator
  • New District Test Coordinators or Technology Coordinators should contact WIDA Client Services to have an account created

The Assessment & Accountability Department and the Federal Programs Department work closely together to support effective research-based language instruction and implementation of an annual standardized language proficiency assessment (ACCESS for ELLs) to fulfill federal and state mandates. Creating, implementing and maintaining English language support programming is overseen by the English Learner Program sub-department within the Federal Programs Department. Administered across Idaho’s public school districts and charters, WIDA’s suite of assessments screen and monitor academic language proficiency growth so educators can make informed instructional decisions when crafting comprehensible lessons around specific content areas. These assessments include the Kindergarten W-APT, WIDA Screener, Alternate ACCESS, and ACCESS for ELLs. Inquiries concerning operational logistics, vendor accounts, test platform navigation, assessment training, and data reporting can be directed to the Assessment & Accountability Department.

Numerous trainings and professional learning opportunities include both assessment and programmatic topics, as they intersect at many points throughout an EL’s program-cycle. Depending upon a staff member’s role and/or district/charter or school structure related to EL services, it may be important to connect with both departments.

The Kindergarten WIDA ACCESS Placement Test (K W-APT) is an adaptive English language proficiency screener given to provisional ELs newly enrolled into kindergarten through the first semester of grade one to determine English language support program eligibility. The Kindergarten W-APT is an adaptive paper-based assessment and is used as one tool during the EL identification process. The administration of the Kindergarten W-APT is completed in a one-on-one setting where all domains are scored by a trained test administrator at the time the test is proctored. The Kindergarten W-APT is administered to only Kindergarten students and first-semester grade one students.*

The WIDA Screener is an adaptive English language proficiency assessment given to provisional ELs enrolling for the first time in an Idaho school district/charter. The purpose of this assessment is to help educators make decisions (according to state eligibility criteria) about whether a student is a candidate for English language support services. The WIDA Screener is typically administered online, but can be administered using a physical paper version based on individual student need. The Screener calculates a level of English proficiency in the four language domains: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Both the speaking and writing language domains are scored at the school level by a certified WIDA proctor while the listening and reading domains are scored by the assessment software. The WIDA Screener is given to students enrolled in second semester* grade one through grade 12.

Screen-Out Criteria

First Semester Kindergarten Students (K W-APT)

Students receiving the following minimum scores screen-out:

  • 29 or 30 “Exceptional” in Listening and Speaking
  • AND 6 or higher in Reading
  • AND 5 or higher in Writing
Second Semester Kindergarten Students (K W-APT)

Students receiving the following minimum scores screen-out:

  • 29 or 30 “Exceptional” in Listening and Speaking
  • AND 11 or higher in Reading
  • AND 14 or higher in Writing
First Semester First Grade Students (K W-APT)

Students receiving the following minimum scores screen-out:

  • 29 or 30 “Exceptional” in Listening and Speaking
  • AND 14 or higher in Reading
  • AND 17 or higher in Writing
Second Semester Grades 1 – Grade 12 Students (WIDA Screener)

Students receiving the following minimum scores screen-out:

  • Composite Proficiency Level of 5.0 or higher
  • AND at least 4.0 in each domain of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

ACCESS for ELLs is the annual summative English language proficiency assessment administered to Kindergarten through grade 12 students who have been identified as English Learners in the state of Idaho. The test measures academic English language proficiency in the following language domains: listening, reading, speaking and writing. The test window typically opens in late January and remains open for six weeks.

ACCESS Exit Criteria

  • Composite Proficiency Level of 4.2 or higher
  • AND at least 3.5 in Reading, Writing, and Listening
  • AND a minimum score of 1 in the Speaking domain

WIDA’s suite of assessments are delivered by Data Recognition Corporation (DRC). Districts/Charters may order test materials, manage student test sessions, add accommodations, and download technology resources and testing software via WIDA AMS.

  • To obtain a new login, contact or contact your District Test Coordinator
  • New District Test Coordinators, Technology Coordinators, or for assistance with your current account, contact DRC Customer Service or call (855) 787-9615.

The Alternate ACCESS for ELLs is an adaptive paper-based assessment that is administered in a one-on-one setting. The assessment is administered to students in grade 1 - 12 who are identified as English Learners AND who have a significant cognitive disability and meet the state’s eligibility requirements for participation in the alternate assessments. *Note: students in Grade 1 - 2 not yet participating in the Idaho Alternate Assessment are eligible to take the Alternate ACCESS if they meet the participation criteria (listed below).

  • The student has a significant cognitive impairment and
  • The student is receiving academic instruction that is aligned with the Idaho Extended Content Standards and
  • The student’s course of study is primarily adaptive skills oriented typically not measured by state or district/charter assessments and
  • The student requires extensive direct individualized instruction and substantial supports to achieve measurable gains in the grade- and age-appropriate curriculum

Guidance related to understanding and applying the Idaho Alternate Assessment participation criteria is located on the Idaho Training Clearinghouse in the IDAA Participation Criteria Training resource. Contact Karren Streagle (Alternate Assessment/Low Incidence Disabilities/Medicaid Coordinator) if you have questions regarding the Idaho Alternate Assessment participation criteria.


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