Every student should have a strong foundation in early literacy skills, including reading, writing, speaking, listening, and effective language use. To enhance English language arts and literacy education, the Idaho Department of Education is committed to delivering high quality professional development, instructional techniques, and resources to empower Idaho educators in achieving these essential objectives.

Early Literacy and Dyslexia Summit

K-5 Idaho Teachers, join the Idaho Department of Education and Dr. Marybeth Flachbart for a full day to explore essential foundational literacy skills, evidence-based instructional strategies, and targeted interventions. We will also deep dive into dyslexia screeners, diagnostic assessments, and effective teaching methods.


Idaho Literacy Resource Center webpage link


Dyslexia Information webpage link


Comprehensive Literacy Plan document link


The Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course (ICLC) is offered through University providers at a variety of venues throughout Idaho. The Idaho Comprehensive Literacy requirement can be fulfilled by completing and passing an in-person or online course, or by passing the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Exam. All options have incorporated the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Standards.

The University providers of the ICLC course and/or exam with registration and contact information are linked below: