The Idaho Science Coaches are a group of Science specialists funded by the Idaho Department of Education who provide research-based science professional development for educators in Idaho. Please contact Andrea Baerwald, or your regional coach directly, to schedule science professional development for your school or district. Science coaches can also help individual teachers. If you are new, need a science expert to bounce ideas off of, need help finding resources, etc. then please email your regional coach. They are all willing and eager to help and geek out on science anytime!

Not sure what region you are in? Review the Idaho District and Charter School Regional Map.

Meet the Coaches

Andrea Baerwald headshot

Andrea Baerwald
Science Coordinator
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Marci Barrett headshot

Marci Barrett
North Idaho (Part-time)
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Sara Tolman headshot

Sara Tolman
SW Idaho & Magic Valley (Full-time)
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McKenzie Sonderegger headshot

McKenzie Sonderegger
Magic Valley (Part-time)
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McKenzie Sonderegger headshot

Wendy Snyder
Southwest Idaho (Full-time)
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Erika Meadows headshot

Erika Meadows
SE Idaho & Magic Valley (Full-time)
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Edmond Walsh headshot

Edmond Walsh
Eastern & Central Idaho (Part-time)
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Lee Slichter headshot

Lee Slichter
North-Central Idaho (Full-time)
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