Student Transportation

The goal of Student Transportation is to provide eligible Idaho students with safe, effective, and efficient transportation to and from school in accordance with federal and state mandates. The Idaho State Department of Education Student Transportation department gives expertise and technical assistance to districts and charter schools regarding school bus maintenance, operations, and financial reimbursement.

It is the responsibility of Student Transportation to provide these services economically and in accordance with sound management policies and procedures. Student Transportation is an integral part of the total educational system, contributing significantly to the learning process by providing safe and dependable transportation.

In the 2014-2015 school year, about 109,101 of Idaho’s children relied on bus services to attend school. 112 Idaho school districts, 22 charter schools, and 3 in-lieu schools operated transportation programs. Every school day, more than 3,467 buses traveling more than a total of 25 million miles, transported students to and from home to ensure their participation in academic programs.


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