The State Department of Education (SDE) Broadband Program is responsible for reimbursing Idaho’s E-rate eligible entities for the remaining portion of eligible broadband costs after their E-rate discount is applied. Reimbursement methodology is determined by the Broadband Program and the Education Opportunity Resource Committee.

The Broadband Program compiles and analyzes broadband utilization data from entities receiving reimbursement for broadband services. This analysis is used to forecast budget requests and help entities determine their broadband needs.

Technical support is also available for the interactive video conferencing systems, which are used to share courses between schools.

Idaho Code §33-910(1) created the Broadband Infrastructure Improvement Grant (BIIG) Fund. Monies from this fund are available to be distributed by SDE to provide state matching funds for eligible special construction projects to deploy new fiber (or fiber-equivalent) for high-speed broadband.

Idaho Code §33-5603, the Education Opportunity Resource Act, created the Education Opportunity Resource Committee (EORC) to advise SDE on the broadband and related service needs of all E-rate eligible entities.

The EORC is responsible for budget and policy recommendations to SDE regarding broadband services and establishes the methodology for broadband reimbursement.

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