Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra invites you to take a virtual tour of her Department of Education to learn how each department in her agency supports schools and students to achieve. Each video provides an overview of the important work carried out by the specific department and highlights useful resources.

SDE webpage screenshot

State Department of Education »

Virtual Open House Welcome from Superintendent Sherri Ybarra.
Running time: 1:36

Federal Programs webpage screenshot

Federal Programs »

Department overview video by Federal Programs Director Karen Seay.
Running time: 15:07

Public School Finance Programs webpage screenshot

Public School Finance »

Department overview video by Public School Finance Director Julie Oberle.
Running time: 7:51

Certification & Professional Standards webpage screenshot

Certification & Professional Standards »

Department overview video by Certification & Professional Standards Director Lisa Colón Durham.
Running time: 8:19

Special Education webpage screenshot

Special Education »

Department overview video by Special Education Director Dr. Charlie Silva.
Running time: 11:16

Content & Curriculum webpage screenshot

Content & Curriculum »

Department overview video by Content & Curriculum Director Todd Driver.
Running time: 12:01

Assessment & Accountability webpage screenshot

Assessment & Accountability »

Department overview video by Assessment & Accountability Director Kevin Whitman.
Running time: 6:45

Student Engagement & Safety Coordination webpage screenshot


Department overview video by Student Engagement & Safety Coordination Director Dr. Eric Studebaker.
Running time: 16:21

Student Transportation webpage screenshot

Student Transportation »

Department overview video by Student Transportation Director Kyle Rahn.
Running time: 3:26

Child Nutrition Programs webpage screenshot

Child Nutrition Programs »

Department overview video by Child Nutrition Programs Director Colleen Fillmore.
Running time: 7:09

School Choice webpage screenshot

School Choice »

Department overview video by School Choice Director Michelle Clement Taylor.
Running time: 6:02