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The Student Opportunities Assistance Program (SOAP) is a non-public school program by Advanced Opportunities. Students not attending an Idaho public school in grades 7-12 may be eligible for a reimbursement of approved college course costs taken for dual credit and/or specified exams.

What Expenses are Eligible?

Students are allowed a maximum of up to $750 in total reimbursable funds.

Exams can be reimbursed up to the cost of the allowable limit from the Student Opportunities Assistance Program exam list. Exams must be either an approved AP, CTE, CLEP or IB exam.

Dual credit courses can be reimbursed up to $75 per college credit from a regionally accredited college/university that are numbered 100 level or higher and not considered remedial.

Who is Eligible for this Program?

For a student to be eligible, the student:

  • Must be an Idaho resident.
  • Must be under the age of 21.
  • Cannot be taking courses beyond the eligible expected graduation cohort (e.g. 4 years of high school).
  • Summer is considered the start of the next school year, students taking courses in the summer shall be transitioning to the next grade level.
  • Grades received are deemed satisfactory by the provider.

What is Needed for Reimbursement?

An application and evidence of a completed or in-progress course or exam such as a receipt and/or transcript.

For courses:
The document must include grade (if applicable), name of student, course name, credits awarded and name of the provider. Transcript(s) can be an unofficial copy from the providing college/university. In-progress courses may not have a grade, if no grade is yet available, you may be asked to provide one at a later date. If the course is taken from a provider outside of Idaho a receipt or supporting documentation would be needed.

For exams:
The document(s) must include the name of the exam, the exam date, the exam provider, evidence of the cost, and location. Exams must be administered and paid to a school or a post-secondary institution. Exams taken and paid elsewhere are not eligible.

What are Some Additional Limitations?

Depending on the number of applications and funding requests, as well as available funds, reimbursement may be less than the allowable limit.

Students participating in the public-school Advanced Opportunities program are not eligible for participation in the Student Opportunities Assistance Program.

College credit must be transcribed on the high school transcript. Four (4) semester college credits equal at least one (1) full year (two (2) semester credits) of high school credit in that subject (Idaho Statute § 33-5109).

Repeated or remedial courses are not allowed. Repeated exams are not allowed.

Reimbursement is only eligible for courses or exams taken within the designated school year.