Superintendent Ybarra and her team at the State Department of Education are pleased to provide links to resources to support student learning during school closures due to COVID-19. On this page, you’ll find a variety of trusted academic resources for use by families and educators.

Educational Resources for Parents

Online Curriculum Resources for Schools

During this time, we encourage teachers and districts to keep students in a systematic, sequential program of instruction for all subjects as opposed to random activities. Guide students toward a series of learning experiences within a topic for conceptual development. This is also a good time for review of previously learned content, vocabulary and practice of skills.

Below are the resources available through our learning partners.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a free resource for students, teachers, and parents, providing free virtual lessons in math, science, and humanities from kindergarten through the early years of college. Students receive immediate feedback and encouragement as they complete exercises, quizzes, and instructional videos to learn and master skills. Kahn Academy hosts daily live streams on Facebook and YouTube at 12:00 p.m. PT/3:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday, for students, parents, and teachers navigating school closures. The Help Center includes helpful guides, articles, and tips from community members.

If you find yourself having to make a quick shift towards distance learning or virtual learning you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. BetterLesson coaches have gathered tips and resources in response to eight questions important to consider when planning for a successful launch of virtual learning.

Istation is well equipped to enroll districts and students in home access to Istation’s digital curriculum. Because of our history with multiple statewide implementations and specifically our current contract in Idaho, Istation can enroll and roster students in a very short time.

For districts already using Istation curriculum (in addition to state-provided assessment): Istation will simply activate the home subscription for all products (reading, math and Spanish) and the very same login parameters would apply. Because Istation has district-, campus- and classroom- level data available for current subscribers, this activation and communication could easily be done and activation would be near immediate.

For districts that are not currently using Istation curriculum: Because of our statewide contract with Idaho, Istation already has K-3 enrollment and district contact information. We could expand curriculum enrollment to all K-5 students, which in turn provides access to Istation for students and teachers. In addition, we would work to activate the parent login and student home-login information, so that the districts could easily issue activation instructions to parents. For districts wanting to learn more about this feature, please contact your account representative.

Common Lit

  • Individual Lessons for Grades 3-12
    • Reading lessons for English, Social Studies, and STEM classes. Every lesson includes a standards-aligned quiz with multiple choice and short-answer questions. There are additional pairing and other teaching ideas included.
  • Comprehensive Units of Study for Grades 5-12
    • Lessons include multiple readings and lesson ideas as well as two final assessments. Each reading has its own multiple choice quiz and other activities are included to compare different readings.

Starfall contains ELA and math worksheets for young learners at no cost. for U.S. Military Families, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CMGA), is a program that allows eligible students in grades kindergarten through college to connect to a live tutor online at any time (24/7/361) for one‐to‐one help with homework, studying, test prep and more.

With the temporary program expansion, online tutoring and homework help via is now available at no cost to any adult or child in a DoD civilian or Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve or Wounded Warrior military family who is trying to continue learning while managing unexpected changes to their routines, including:

  • service members, civilian personnel, spouses and college-age children who are enrolled in a college or professional development course
  • grades K-12 children who are now navigating at-home learning with less access to their teachers
  • ROTC, NROTC, and DoD Service Academy Cadets who are wrapping up an academic year

Resource Documents

Wide Open School
The Wide Open School website published by Common Sense has resources for both parents and educators for all grades in all subjects.

The inclusion of resources on this page does NOT constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any specific online material, program, or by any person or group who has contributed. These resources are provided solely to support continued student learning during school closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak.