Chef Recipes were created for students to have enjoyable breakfast and lunch meals at school while meeting United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foods requirements.

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Idaho Grown Legumes - Chef Recipes for Child Nutrition Programs

In 2009, the incidence of chronic diseases and childhood obesity continued to rise. As a result, the USDA requested evidence of its Child Nutrition Programs’ (CNP) efforts to address these concerns. In addition to the assistance provided by CNP nationwide, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released its annual report on school meals, providing further recommendations for school breakfasts, lunches, and snacks that would benefit the health of all children. Much of this report was used to compose the Healthy Hunger-Free kids Act of 2010, which included an exciting change: the requirement of legumes into the weekly meal pattern for school lunch.

Chef Designed School Breakfast

Eleven breakfast recipes designed by a culinary chef and registered dietitian that have been tested and approved by Idaho students. These recipes include a wide variety of USDA Foods. Nutrient facts may vary depending on the brand of product used. Use the labels of Food Buying Guide to confirm nutritional information and ensure grain products are whole grain-rich.

Chef Designed School Lunch

Ten school meals (two (2) week cycle) that were designed by a Chef and Dietitian that appeal to students and utilize a wide variety of USDA Foods. These were designed to meet the new USDA Meal Pattern and use three (3) to ten (10) USDA Foods in each meal.

Chef Tuesdays

Chef Tuesdays is a new series of Chef Designed recipes for school lunch programs. There are fifteen (15) recipes for school lunch and each recipe has been tested in a school kitchen and received positive votes from the majority of the students at the test site.

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