Human Trafficking Prevention

Human trafficking defined in its simplest form is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery or forced labor. Because human trafficking/slavery is more readily associated with the past and international cases, it is hard to fathom the existence of modern day slavery, especially in the United States, and moreover, Idaho. However, it does exist and local occurrences, which affect our youth, are increasing. In the United States and in Idaho, traffickers can be family members of the victim. This means that victims of human trafficking are students in our schools.

Training Opportunities

Due to this growing epidemic, it is imperative that school counselors and educators receive training on what human trafficking is, what practices are prevalent in Idaho, who is vulnerable, how and by what means students are recruited and forced into human trafficking, how to identify a victim, and what to do and who to contact if a victim is identified.

The “Human Trafficking: Protecting Idaho’s Youth” video provided in the training tab below gives counselors and educators important knowledge about human trafficking. The corresponding PowerPoint, note pages, and resource files are provided for your convenience while viewing. Districts and schools can make use of the provided PowerPoint and resource files to conduct their own training.

While it is important to train educators on the dangers and signs of human trafficking, it is even more important for students to understand how to protect themselves and their friends. The student level human trafficking training provides students with: 

  • An understanding of how traffickers recruit and force victims into human trafficking 
  • How to identify a trafficker 
  • What to do and who to contact if a trafficker is identified

Please contact Nichole Hall if your district or school would like a live training with SDE staff and law enforcement.