Speeches & Announcements Superintendent of Public Instruction

Superintendent Ybarra frequently travels the state to address stakeholder groups, attend regional superintendent meetings, and visit our great Idaho schools. Below you will find speeches and announcements discussing the Superintendent's vision for education in Idaho, and the work that will be done moving forward to ensure that support and resources are provided so schools and students can achieve.

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Anti-Bullying Tool-kit Video


Anti-Bullying Public Service Announcement Video

Together We Can Stop
Bullying Awareness

2017 Idaho Indian Education Summit Speech Video Image

Idaho Indian Education
Summit Speech

2017 Teacher Appreciation Week Video Image

Teacher Appreciation
Week Announcement

2017 Federal Programs Speech Video Image

Federal Programs Conference Welcome Speech

Sherri Yabarra Teacher of the Year Announcement Video Image

Idaho Teacher of the Year

Sherri Yabarra FACE Conference Welcome Video Image

Family & Community Engagement
Conference Welcome Speech Video